06 Nov, 2018

Manfred Kets de Vries launches his new book

Manfred Kets de Vries launches his new book


Understanding what is happening around us has become more difficult than ever in the Age of Trump. Don’t imperatives like “build that wall” sound very much like “Off with his head”? Unfortunately, and unlike Alice, we are not going to wake up from a bad dream and discover that everything is “nothing but a pack of cards”.

The first part of this book looks at the psychodynamics of leadership in both a business and a political context. The second focuses on the psychopathology of everyday life in organisations and the seemingly endless ways people can make a mess of things – including mega pay packages, acting out, digital addiction and other dysfunctional behaviour patterns. Each chapter ends with a brief anecdote to illustrate the dilemma it presents.

In short, sharp nuggets, Kets de Vries helps make sense of how the madness of the present has affected leadership in organisations and the workplace.

Please click here to purchase the book.

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Marcel Thewissen

Dec 13, 9:11 PM

Looking forward to read this book!