17 May, 2023

Psychodynamic Group Coaching for personal and organisational change

Psychodynamic Group Coaching for personal and organisational change

Group experiences are journeys of self-discovery and transformation. If done in a safe environment, peer exchange about significant leadership challenges, events and situations helps an individual work through internal conflicts, find new solutions and arrive at meaningful work-life integration. The support given by other members of the group helps instil a sense of hope and change for the future.

The Psychodynamic-Systemic Approach to Leadership Group Coaching pioneered by Manfred Kets de Vries gets to the heart of leadership: it makes conscious what is unconscious by creating safe spaces for courageous self-analysis and leadership development. Central to this approach are several psychological safety and transitional space which create tipping points for change.

Join Margot Schumacher, Programme Director of KDVI’s Psychodynamic Group Coaching Practicum, and Alicia Cheak, KDVI Research Associate as we explore and share our experiences of using this approach in understanding the need of the client, designing and delivering interventions and the implications for personal and collective change.

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