17 Nov, 2022

KDVI Diagnostic and Development Services

KDVI Diagnostic and Development Services

Diagnosis and feedback can be the beginning of an introspective journey and set into motion honest self-evaluation. Self-exploration in this context can help executives with one of the most difficult leadership tasks they may ever face: changing themselves.

KDVI's suite of diagnostics reflect our systematic approach to assessing leadership, team and organisational context, needs and effectiveness.

Our diagnotics services include

  • Stakeholders interviews
  • Psychometrically validated 360° feedback development tools 
  • Immersive simulation on leadership, group and organisational dynamics
  • Additional quantitative and qualitative data analysis 
  • Client-specific diagnostics

Please join us for an overview of our diagnostic services, the psychodynamic-system approach to development, and additional services we can provide to support the discovery of  systemic patterns and themes within organisational life.

This session is designed for independent coaches, consultants, people who work in academic institutions and HR / L&D professionals to help expand their toolkit and use feedback systems in a more psychodynamic and holistic way.

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