16 Nov, 2022

Climbing Everest - Online simulation on leadership & team work

Climbing Everest - Online simulation on leadership & team work

The Everest Leadership & Team simulation (Roberto & Edmundson, 2017) uses the dramatic context of a Mount Everest expedition as related to management concepts exploring the role of leadership, effective communication, and team work to achieve success. The simulation requires students to work in cohesive teams consisting of five members, where each individual was assigned a specific role and a goal. 

This online simulation was integrated recently in a KDVI programme for young graduates of a traditional Swiss bank as a module on Team Work, and part of an over two year long internal training programme. It was chosen because we wanted to use something more lively, interactive, providing some real action learning about working in a team. 

Success in the Everest Simulation was not defined as reaching the summit of a mountain, but rather in terms of strong leadership, positive team work, logical decision making, and effective communication and dispute resolution to accomplish a specific task. 

So… What happens in between? How will team members get along? Will they share their data? At what point? 

What developed was a very lively two hours, where the teams - even the more skeptical ones- threw themselves into the game. The coaches got a lot of behavioural data to observe and reflect back. And the debrief brought important learnings. 

Christina will share the highlights of this simulation, what participants and coaches learned, and how this online experience can be used to energise and enrich the learning journey.

Read a description of the simulation experience here.

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