27 Oct, 2022

Grow: Leveraging digital technology for effective team development

Grow: Leveraging digital technology for effective team development

Grow is an online solution that helps consultants, coaches, and team leaders orchestrate and accompany effective team development journeys. It is built around the proprietary 7A Methodology, a holistic approach that accelerates behavioural change at the individual and team levels. Grow‘s balanced focus on foundation setting, mobilising, and following through has proven to provide sustainable positive impact on team performance.

The Grow 7A Methodology

  • Aspiration
  • Alignment
  • Awareness
  • Assumptions
  • Action
  • Advancement
  • Achievement

Fabio Coluccia, Victoria Bouix & Cyrus Tanedo look forward to sharing their experience of how Grow helps them leverage digital technology to serve their clients better. Participants will get an understanding of Grow‘s approach to team development and its practical implementation through a representative use case. 

Join us and discover how Grow can add value to your team development initiatives.

For more information, check out our INSEAD blog A Seven-Step Choreography for Thriving Teams.

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