29 Jun, 2022

Informational Session: KDVI Psychodynamic Group Coaching Practicum

Informational Session: KDVI Psychodynamic Group Coaching Practicum

KDVI's new flagship professional development programme, provides participants with a safe experimental space to experience the relational soup of team coaching and develop and refine their group and team coaching skills. 

As people have expressed interest in this programme, and because not all of you were able to attend the case session during the Amsterdam Retreat, we would like to offer you an opportunity to get a more in depth look at this rich programme. In addition to describing the impact of this programme for participants (live team coaching assignment, supervision, and reflection paper), faculty will also share their experiences and challenges in guiding the participants through at times complicated group dynamics to the completion of the Practicum. 

We have a great opportunity with this programme through educating 16 great coaches per cohort and would like your ideas on how to embed this programme further into KDVI and develop advocates for KDVI and the psychodynamic systemic approach.

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